Get Vaccinated At Your Local Community Pharmacy

Avoid the long waits at your GP Clinic and get vaccinated at a local pharmacy near you.

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How Pharmacy Vax works.

1. Book A Vaccination Service At A Pharmacy Near You

2. Get Vaccinated By A Trained Pharmacist

3. Pay At The Pharmacy

What's great about it?

Find A Pharmacy Near You

Skip The Queue At the GP Clinic

Easy To Book and Appointment Reminders 

Disease Prevention Available

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Flu (Influenza)

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Whooping Cough,Tetanus & Diphtheria

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Measles, Mumps and Rubella

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Frequently asked questions

If I sign up for The Manager, will you have access to my personal social media accounts?

Absolutely not. We will only have access to your business accounts as admins. This will give us the ability to publish content, engage with customers and manage your pages.

Are there any long term contracts?

Although we recommend a long term committment for maximized results, we do not require a long term contract. You may cancel anytime you wish without penalty.

Will I own the content you create for my business?

Yes! Any content that we design belongs to you and may be used how you see fit. As a paying client all copyrights are assigned to you.

How long before I see a return on my investment?

Because we are creating custom content for your business, you will see immediate return in the form of our deliverables. Gaining visibility, growing your audience and reach as well as increasing customer engagement are all byproducts of the services we provide. These are critical components to growing your business on social media. We will cover how to set realisitc expectations during our initial strategy session and lay out clear milestones for your social media journey.

Do you outsource your content creation?

No way! Every service we offer is completed by our team of talented in-house graphic designers, content specialists and social media experts! We are a US based agency currently operating from Kansas City Missouri. :)

Get Vaccinated At Your Local Pharmacy

If you'd like to connect with quality, trained pharmacists for your vaccination - we're here to assist you.