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How Pharmacy Vax works.

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Whooping Cough,Tetanus & Diphtheria

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Frequently asked questions

Is the vaccine free if I get it from a community pharmacy?

Community pharmacies charge a fee for the vaccination service unless you are eligible to receive the vaccine funded by the Government under the National Immunisation Register (NIP). Funded vaccines are only provided through GP Clinics at this time. To find out if you are eligible under the NIP please refer to this info sheet which provides a quick guide - see here.

Can all pharmacies or pharmacists provide vaccinations?

Not all pharmacies will offer this service, and not all pharmacists are permitted to administer vaccines. Only trained pharmacists are able to administer certain vaccines.

Get Vaccinated At Your Local Pharmacy

If you'd like to connect with quality, trained pharmacists for your vaccination - we're here to assist you.