Our Story

Hi there. We're Hatch Health.

Day One.

On the 25th February 2017, we met as complete strangers.

Anya, Marley and Keven got together and formed a team at the MPID Healthcare Hackathon, and were tasked with finding a solution to a problem worth solving in healthcare.

While Anya was working across multiple private hospitals, she noticed something out of the ordinary: After a surgery, patients were feeling confused after receiving multiple invoices from different health service providers. She noticed that some patients weren't aware of these bills beforehand and struggle to track, manage and budget them.

We got chatting, and discovered it was a problem we've all experienced in some way, whether it be ourselves, mum, dad, nan and so on. 

We came to a simple conclusion:

There should be one place to view and pay all your hospital bills.

So after putting together a powerpoint and a somewhat working prototype, we pitched the idea to the panel of judges.

We won first place. The rest is history.

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