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your upcoming hospital procedure?

An online tool that checks your existing quote with Medicare and your health insurer to confirm your estimated out-of-pocket costs.

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How Hatch Health works.

1. Enter Quote Details

Enter your details and upload your quote.

2. Quote Processed

We'll communicate with Medicare and your health fund to confirm how much you're covered for. 

3. Results Emailed

You’ll receive an email with your estimated level of coverage for your upcoming procedure within 24 hours.

These are the common elements you'll find in your quote when you have medical treatment as a private patient in a private or public hospital.

Healthcare Provider Fee

This is the fee your healthcare provider (e.g. surgeon, assistant surgeon or anaesthetist) charges for their medical service.

Medicare Benefit 

Financial assistance the Australian government provides towards the costs of select services provided by your healthcare provider.

Health Fund Benefit

Financial assistance your health fund provides to help cover the cost of select medical services provided by your health provider.

Estimated Out-of-pocket Cost

These are the estimated costs payable by you, after taking into consideration what Medicare and your health fund covers.


*These estimated costs may not include additional charges (e.g. hospital excess, pharmacy, radiology and/or pathology costs.

Understanding your quote

Healthcare Provider Fee

Estimated Out-of-pocket Cost 

- Medicare Benefit

- Health Fund Benefit

A Typical Quote
*Estimated out-of-pocket costs are only indicative costs, not final.





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