• Keven Bennett

7 reasons why your health practice should use Electronic Signatures

Updated: May 15, 2019

We’re starting to see the paperless office slowly becoming a reality in healthcare. Medical records, charts and more are increasingly becoming digitised. It can be hard for doctors to move on from the way they used to do things but health providers are beginning to see the real benefits of going paperless. While cutting out paper all together might not be realistic, you might want to consider enabling electronic signatures for quotes, otherwise known as Electronic Informed Financial Consent.

The following are some reasons why you might want to use electronic signatures:

1. Fast

In a medical practice or hospital, you might be handing out many Informed Financial Consent documents. These documents must be handed to the patient, signed, scanned and returned to the you. Patients may lose this document, forget to sign or not have a scanner which may turn into days, if not, weeks trying to collect their signature. With an electronic signature tool, patients can conveniently sign via desktop or mobile.

2. Undo errors

There can be a lot of distractions within a busy hospital or specialist practice (e.g. phones ringing and managing multiple patients) which can lead to mistakes being made on quotes. One missed number or one wrong item number can be disastrous for your bottom line. Quality electronic signature tools enable you to void quotes after they’ve been sent, so that you have peace of mind that you can undo any mistakes.

3. Less security issues

It isn’t difficult to for hackers to find sensitive data lying around in a scanner or on a table. A trusted electronic signature tool can help ensure sensitive documents are kept safe and secure.

4. Compliance

Gathering a patient, parent or carers Informed Financial Consent is mandatory in Australia. Some health professionals might gather consent over the phone or in-person, however there is no written proof that this has taken place. To ensure you're covered, you can adopt an electronic signature tool that digitally records when Informed Financial Consent has been given.

5. Storage and availability

Important papers can get lost within the workplace. With pre-admission documents, invoices, receipts and more flying around, quotes can get lost in the mix. With electronic signature tool can ensure that quotes are easily stored, searchable and made available to staff wherever they are.

6. Staff tracking and document tracking

Some clinics and hospitals can have multiple receptionists and billing managers which makes it difficult to track their activity and what documents have been sent. An electronic signature tool can give you complete transparency around what has been sent and by who. Also, it will notify you when a patient has viewed or signed a document.

7. Happy staff, happier patients

When times are tough and a patient needs to undergo surgery, patients can feel stressed and overwhelmed. Filling out and signing piles of forms can prove to annoy patients. Furthermore, your team needs to manage all these forms and ensure they’re stored and recorded correctly. An electronic signature tool can make life easier for your staff and patients.

How much better do you think the patient experience would be with an electronic signature tool?